Alanna Inspires: How Does Your Garden Grow

By April 10, 2019News

We caught up with our resident landscaper Joe Mathews of JM Landscaping who offered some good advice to new Alanna homeowners looking to put a personal touch to their gardens. Joe reminded us that April is the busiest month as we prepare for the summer ahead.

Firstly, install a water butt to one or more of your rainwater downpipes. A water butt is a sustainable way of conserving water in the event that we have another very warm summer – it’s important not to deprive your plants and flowers of a drink.

Make sure to turn and aerate compost piles. Screen any compost you’ll be applying in the next few weeks so that it will be ready when you need it. A compost heap is also a great way to reduce the cost of household waste with the majority of the brown bin contents compost heap friendly.

April is the time to sow new lawns or repair bare patches. Allowing a portion of your lawn to grow longer (just mow paths through it for easy access) will also provide valuable habitats for our fast vanishing wildlife. Alternatively, have you considered reducing the size of your lawn? Incorporating a patio area into the garden will save you hours of repetitive work and expensive fuel as well as being far kinder to the planet.

April should also be the time to declutter your garden, get rid of those broken pots and piles of rubbish from the side of the shed. It’s time to clear out and brighten up the garden. Sow hardy annuals and wildflower seed outdoors. Very few summer-flowering plants can compete with dahlias for their huge range of colourful blooms and impressively long season.

Why not find room for a couple of generous-sized window-boxes or large pots, one of which you’ll need to place in a bright, sunny, sheltered spot outdoors for sun-loving herbs such as prostrate rosemary and oregano, while the other should go in a cooler, lightly shaded spot for herbs such as parsley, mint, coriander


Investing time in the garden means you have a haven to enjoy outside your back door, make sure to get the children involved in planting pots and knowing about the garden and what lives in it. Why not visit some garden fairs for some more inspiration – Farmleigh Estate in the Phoenix Park on April 21st and 22nd or if you can’t make the fairs visit a good garden centre like The Orchard in Celbridge or Johnstown Garden Centre in Naas

Should you require help with the garden for landscaping and paving contact Joe Matthews on 087 2504960 or visit his website at

Happy Gardening!