Alanna Homes enters Strategic Alliances with key construction partners

By November 29, 2017News

Alanna Homes is pleased to announce that it has entered into strategic alliances with key construction partners for its development at Hansfield Strategic Development Zone and other development projects.

Alliances have been entered into with partners who provide specialist services in a number of key areas –

              KC Civil Engineering – Site Development Works and Groundworks

              O’Connor Heating and Plumbing – Heating, plumbing and renewable energy

              Frontline Building Services – Electrical Engineering

              AF Carpentry – Specialist carpentry and joinery services

              Alcrete Building Systems – Pre-cast concrete components


In entering into the Strategic Alliance with Alanna Homes our partners have agreed to –

              Dedication of resources

              Adherence to our programmes for delivery

              Maintenance of high standards in quality, health and safety, training and continuing professional development

              Continuous review

Alanna Homes employs a Rapid Off-Site System Build (ROSS-B) model which drives the delivery of finished homes within very short time frames. The Strategic Alliance programme copper fastens Alanna’s performance capability and allows us to continue to deliver projects for our customers and stakeholders on time and within budget. This is in an increasingly competitive industry and an environment of increasingly scarce resources.

Our construction division is a member of the Construction Industry Federation, is on the Construction Industry Register Ireland and is operating towards accreditation in Quality (ISO 9001), Environment (ISO 14001) and Occupational Health and Safety (OHSAS 18001).