The Future is BIM for Alanna Homes

By January 29, 2018News

In line with the NBC (National BIM Council), Digital Roadmap 2021 for the construction sector Alanna Homes are advancing from BIM Level 2 to BIM Level 3, a wholly BIM integrated way of working with all our stakeholders.

The entire construction industry is under immense pressure in terms of facilitating value for money, sustainable design, and efficiency, BIM is the solution to this. BIM is a process, not a tool; It is a collaborative way of working which aims to improve efficiency and modernise the construction industry, all of which are core elements within the ISO accredited Alanna Homes Quality Management System.

We have already started to see the benefits of implementing such a process, BIM allows for greater client involvement from the start of the project lifecycle because BIM provides unrivaled visualisation of the concept. BIM further gives greater estimating capability and allow us to run clash detections on complex projects to eliminate delays. All of this is carried right through the design, construction and post contract phases.

Information from BIM models also aids us in facility management post construction. Further to this, potentially offering end-users the ability to utilise in the future should they need or want to make changes to their homes down the line. This adds value to our homeowners by ensuring quality is maintained throughout the construction process.

Alanna Homes are further investing in the development of our employees, commencing a full training programme to upskill in all areas of this process in order to be at BIM Level 3 by the December 2018.