A new class of property developer for a modern Ireland. We build upon more than 30 years’ experience to push the boundaries of building technology and design to bring you residential and commercial property that surpasses expectations each and every time. Why settle when you can have the best?
With more than 30 years of tradition in building within the Irish and international property sector we produce residential and commercial property that is forward-thinking, well-designed and innovative.

Irish Family-Run

Property Developer

We are an Irish family-run property developer with vast experience in all areas of development, from greenfields to complete urban development and regeneration. Currently building approximately 400 units annually and growing rapidly, we are quickly building a name for our innovative building system and our beautifully designed new homes and commercial units.

Our focus is on creating homes and properties that inspire our customers. We choose only the best locations for our properties, ensuring that our customers have access to excellent transport links and the best amenities and facilities. Then we put emphasis and care on our design, from start to finish, to create top-quality developments that are innovative and exciting.


When it comes to our residential developments, our aim is to create homes that surpass the expectations and needs of modern families. Our spacious three- and four-bed homes in Hansfield Wood and The Park at Hansfield, Dublin 15 are perfect for families of all sizes and ages, and feature a host of energy-efficient features to ensure that these homes are easy to run and comfortable in every season.


We are also committed to building communities that work. Our flagship residential developments at Hansfield are enhanced by a five-acre recreational urban park adjacent to the residential units. Our aim is to create an attractive, sustainable, family-oriented community that lasts for generations to come.


Honest, Open &


We approach every project in an honest, open, professional and committed manner, aiming to produce quality builds and provide excellent customer service. We are with our customers every step of the way, offering advice and guidance at all times. Our goal is to ensure our customers are as thrilled with the purchasing process as they are with their new home.

Our vast experience has led us to assemble an unrivalled group of consultants, business partners and organisations to streamline our methods and practices to best achieve our goals of making a meaningful contribution to Ireland’s property market. We partner with the best to bring you quality and innovative properties.


Our decades of experience has allowed us push the boundaries of property development and bring to Ireland the very best in building technology and design. We believe our processes produce some of the very best property in Ireland today, both residential and commercial.


We pride ourselves on our professionalism in every aspect of a project. From developing methods to ensure a safer, cleaner working environment for both contractors and communities, to offering excellent customer service before, during and after a sale, we strive to do the very best job we can, from start to finish.


We are committed to creating great developments that work in Ireland today – and that continue to work for generations to come. Whether it’s an urban commercial centre or a family-oriented residential community, we aim to produce innovative, forward-thinking and attractive developments for both residents and their neighbours.